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People are living longer than ever before. And that means planning for a retirement that could last 30 years. Together we'll start by reviewing your current income, living expenses, retirement savings, other assets and debts. We'll discuss when you plan to retire, what future expenses you anticipate and expenses you may not have taken into account.  We'll determine what income you will need in retirement and see if you are on target to acheive it.  Then we can begin the process of designing a plan to get you to and through retirement in the manner you envision. 


​​While every retirement plan is different because it is based on each person's unique situation, we believe that the foundation of every plan should be built on a base of safe money. Safe money has guarantees and is not subject to market risk. It can serve to make up the shortfall between your Social Security and your required income. It can guarantee you life long income either immediately or down the road. We will suggest setting aside some money for  emergencies and opportunities. The rest of your portfolio can be invested in accordance with your risk tolerance. 



Our initial cash flow analysis can reveal money that you are losing unknowingly and unnecessarily - often in the thousands. That's money that can be redirected toward your retirement painlessly.  


Most people consider health and long term care costs to be the biggest potential drain on retirement income, but the biggest drain is more likely to be taxes. Obviously, the fewer taxes you have to pay, the more money you will have to spend and the longer your money will last. Having a tax free source of income puts you in the driver's seat for controlling your tax bracket and the amount of Social Security you get to keep. We use  many strategies prior to and in retirement to give you a more tax advantaged income in retirement:

  • Roth IRAs

  • Roth conversions

  • Social Security maximization 

  • Managing provisional income

  • Tax strategies

  • Annuities

  • Permanent life insurance

  • Strategic distributions from accounts










The results of our planning and stategies will be a more secure and comfortable retirement for you. You'll have peace of mind that you will have income you can't outlive.


Pre-retirement you will be more concerned about accumulating your funds. But that is only part of the equation. Once in retirement,  your plan needs to be monitored regularly. Distribution of your funds during retirement is crucial not only for managing taxes but to make sure your retirement funds last as long as you do. Knowing which accounts to access and in what order can make  an enormous difference to your lifestyle. Mitigating circumstances in your life or your spouse's, both financial and health-related, may require a shift from the original strategy plan.


We at AP&G Financial take a holistic approach to you and your needs. We want to minimize the many risks that can derail your retirement. That's why part of our goal will be to take into account such risks as longevity, taxation, market risk, sequence of returns, inflation, long term care and estate planning concerns. 


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