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AP&G Financial's mission is to maximize your income in retirement and minimize your tax liability so you can have the most comfortable, secure retirement possible with income you can't outlive. We can maximize your Social Security, protect your money from unnecessary losses, create tax free income and leave a tax free legacy for your heirs.  

Our Founder
Judith Sciaky
       CCPS, RICP

Judy Sciaky, founder of AP&G Financial, owned and operated a successful advertising business in the Philadelphia area for over 25 years. Feeling financially secure, she retired in April 2008. However, the market crash in October 2008 shook her financial security, especially since her daughter was in college at the time. Judy immersed herself in learning what went wrong financially and how she could correct it. She immersed herself in learning how to rebuild her nest egg safely and protect her financial future from risk, inflation and taxes. She not only focuses on accumulating your retirement savings but on how to distribute them in a manner that will increase your spendable income as well as provide tax free wealth transfer to your heirs. She started college and retirement planning in 2009 to help others avoid the mistakes that she made and to help families send their kids to college and have a retirement, too. She is dedicated to helping people’s dreams of retiring well achieve reality through sound financial strategies and proper planning. 


Judy is a CCPS (Certified College Planning Specialist) and an RICP (Retirement Income Certified Professional). She is a member of NACPE (National Association of College Planning Experts), the NICCP (National Institute of Certified College Planners), the Disciplined Advisor Network, the National Ethics Association, and the Better Business Bureau. 


If you need help with college planning, paying off college loans or advice on college loans, please visit

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